Tim Hussey


Tim’s early musical influence was music from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, notably The Jam.  He hankered after a Rickenbacker 330 guitar and a Vox AC30 Amp but instead ended up with a Peavey Bandit and a Fender Telecaster!

His journey had begun! Firstly he started guitar lessons which lead to all sorts of different musical influences such as Dire Straits and Pink Floyd.  After a few years being an accomplished bedroom guitarist, Tim joined a local punk/rock band, which was an eye opener! Later playing in a covers band where he met his wife Kim. They retired from band life to bring up their family (15 years) until a chance meeting occurred at Kim’s school reunion where Hazy Dayz was born!

Tim takes a break from practising ‘crowd dives’ to say:

‘For me, this is the ultimate in fun and enjoyment. The band atmosphere seems to nourish me with positive energy and confidence, something I have never experienced in bands before.  I am also lucky enough to have gained great new friendships. I believe the chemistry is there for all to see when we play.  Pending hearing aids, knee/hip replacements, false teeth, cataracts’, bladder control and dementia – long may we rock!!!’