Simon recently became the 6th member of the band, although not performing on stage, the mixing desk is his instrument and he is well aware of his contribution to the team. A bad mix means a bad gig, it’s that simple. He knows what the band want from him and runs the sound desk to make sure Hazy Dayz sound just as good as they play! He is our Sound Engineer.


At school Simon Studied drama, which explained his school reports as always being “the class clown”. This was not the career path that he took, instead, went onto college to learn about the Marine Industry. In 2000 Simon was asked to join the Gosport Gang Show band as a keyboard player. This was the stepping stone that got Simon interested in the technical aspects of theatre and helped in all departments where needed. He then became Assistant Front Of House Manager for the Kings Theatre, Portsmouth before settling down in his current career of Marine Engineering.

April 2013 became Simons final year as a keyboard player as he retired from the band to concentrate on his love for DJing and sound engineering. Simon has been DJing for 10 years but over the last 4 years has decided to take the path of sound engineering where he has worked all over the country hired in from agencies in and around London to provide his PA and knowledge for various events. He works alongside MLS Audio where he has had the pleasure of working with some of the UKs top artists, Beverley Knight, Joss Stone, Lady BlackSmith Mambozo, Sean Lock, just to name a few.


Simon uses industry standard equipment including HK Audio for FOH and monitoring, Allen & Heath Digital desk, Shure, Sennheiser and Audix microphones and DMX lighting which helps make Hazy Dayz look and sound professional.

Simon looks forward to working with the band and predicts a very busy future ahead!!

What some of the band members say:

Mike – “Simple, he is a star! It’s so comforting to be in the hands of such a pro behind the mixing desk. We are so lucky to have him as a member of the band complementing the professionalism of all the other members”.

Kim  & Tim – “He is the icing on the cake that is ‘Hazy Dayz’. He is a highly skilled professional who tirelessly and reliably enables us to perform our music with top notch mixing. It’s great to have the security and reassurance that Simon77f3255 brings.  Hats off to St. Si of Hazy Dayz!!”

Mark – “As a drummer he almost makes me sound like a proper musician!! It is so great just to be able to get up there and play our music and not have to think about what it will sound like front of house because you know we have a ‘star’ looking out for us that always shines bright at every gig.  To cap it off, he is also a really nice bloke..”