Mark Watts


From an early age all Mark has ever wanted to do was to play the drums. His parents can recall him standing transfixed from as young as 5 years old watching the drummer crack out a beat at their local club. Initial efforts by his parents to steer him towards the guitar failed as mark wanted to become a drummer not a musician!! So in 1974 he was presented with his first ‘proper’ kit, a silver Pearl. Drum lessons from the legendary local Jazz drummer and teacher Albert Cooper and playing along in his bedroom to his drum heroes, Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham, Mike Botts (Bread) and Don Henley (Eagles) moulded the style that defines him today.

At 14 he was playing in his first band ‘Temple’, a school band with Mike Lever as the bassist. He insists that this gave him the hunger for performing live and the lasting passion to get the best out of his instrument.

During his first playing career (1976 to 1985), he played in covers bands gigging around the Sourh Coast includung the Top Rank, Southampton, Ronny Scotts Jazz Club, London and several Pontins Holiday Centres, covering all genres from Country Rock, Funk, Disco to Mainstream Popular music.

Mark got a ‘proper job’ in 1984 working for the Ministry of Justice where he still is to this day; this ultimately put an end to his drumming days…… until now!!!

A 29 year break from the industry has seen Mark reunite with Mike and ‘return to the stage’ doing what he thought he would never do again, thanks to a 50th anniversary school reunion organised by Kim. Mark says; “I’m a great believer in fate and i know that this played a big part in my returning to performing live. I am thoroughly enjoying being back ‘sat on the stool’, ‘holding the sticks’ in this band. We have the best lead vocalist in Kim that i have ever had the pleasure of backing and the talent of all the musicians is there for all to see when you listen to the tracks that we are performing. These lovely people have learned their trade over the last few decades bringing together their various life experiences and playing genres from opposite ends of the spectrum; yet we all come together as one to produce the sound that is ‘Hazy Dayz’. I am back playing great music doing what i love with friends that will remain for life.