Mke Lever

Mike Lever

Mike has always loved rock music and at 14 years old formed his own rock band at school with Mark Watts on drums. This band evolved into a band called ‘Berlin’ one of the Souths’ prime rock bands of the 1980’s. It was at this time that he got to know Matt J who was the keyboardist of fellow rock band Tokyo Joe. In 1984 after 3 years of heavy gigging, Mike left the band and moved up to London and joined the Glam Rock band Tarazara, to finally make music his profession. Four years of gigging, national tours and regular slots at Londons Marquee, Tarazara had reached their peak and were now being managed by John Salter, alongside Thin Lizzy and Ultravox. Television, radio, and regular national newspaper and magazine coverage followed. As sex, drugs and Rock and Roll takes its toll, Tarazara inevitably ended in 1988. Their vocalist Danielz, went on to form T-Rextacy and Mike moved back to Southampton and hung up his bass. That was until 2012 when at a school reunion a conversation with Kim and a reuniting with his very first drummer led to the phenomena that is Hazy Dayz. After 5 frustrating months of auditioning keyboardists, Matt J heard of the band and got in contact…the rest is history in the making!

Taking a break from tinkering with peoples heads Mike says “In this world of Synchronicities Hazy Dayz just had to happen. This is like the full circle, playing with Watty again after 34 years, fronted by Kim, an incredible vocalist whom I’ve also known from school time and now in the same band with Matt J, whom I admired from afar when we were in rival rock bands back in the 80’s. On top of all this I have the pleasure of sharing the guitar space with Tim, Kims husband and an incredible musician who keeps me sane in this ‘sea’ of pop, funk and disco with a firm grounding in rock music!  I’m back playing for the enjoyment again.